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About the Author

Dr. Booker is a DEI Thought Leader, Newspaper Columnist, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant. He has worked in higher education for the past 17 years. He currently writes a monthly column in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette where he touches on the societal issues we are all facing today. Using Intercultural Competence, he works diligently to hold space for everyone, even people who may have a different worldview. 

Dr. Booker enjoys helping people understand why representation is important (diversity). He works with organizations to explore whether policies, procedures, and processes are equitable to the populations they serve (equity). He also challenges himself and those whom he engages with to interrogate the ways in which we are inclusive of all people (inclusion), especially those populations who have been historically marginalized.

Dr. Booker worked in higher education for 18 years before working in talent management at a corporation. Below you will find more details about his personal vision, mission, and WHY narrative.  

About: About

Personal Vision

A more informed and civically engaged society that cares about:

- the humanity of all.

- the plight of those who hold different identities.

- those who are from a different culture.

- and/or those who have been historically marginalized. 

Personal Mission

Staying on my personal growth journey while also:

- Sharing insight about our past and present through storytelling and research.

- Actively working towards a future where everyone is valued, supported, and included.

- Highlighting stories of those who fought/fight to overcome marginalization in our society.

- Striving to let my Light Shine. 

My WHY Narrative

Photo showing a timeline of my Why Narrative.
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